Why FaithBiscuit.com?

"The Christian faith and tasty biscuits... indeed, a wonderful fusion.”

We aim to offer unique perspectives about the Bible-based Christian faith. The goal is to offer uncommon insights about knowing, living, and sharing the Christian faith. We address:

  • Christ and Culture Today. Current events in a biblical context. It offers news and commentary by the editor.

  • Bible in Life. Theology must answer one supreme question: “So what?” The Bible is not an abstract document; Bible principles (theology) must be applied to daily living, and we offer strategies for doing that.

  • Better Relationships. Our relationship with Jesus Christ is our model for relationships with others. Pastoral care and counseling

  • Christian Creativity. Evangelical outreach is central to our faith (Matthew 28:19-20). Writing is the core of all we do, whether creating sermons, discipleship curricula, homeschooling tools, books, or blog posts. We encourage all forms of Christian creativity that spring from writing.

These categories are the focus of FaithBiscuit.com

Meet the FaithBiscuit.com Editor

Donald L. Hughes (friends and subscribers call him Don) has extensive experience as an author, book editor, blogger, and educator. He has served as a Christian journalist on assignments in 31 countries.

He is a Bible-believing evangelical with an international ministry who has degrees from Azusa Pacific University, Wheaton Graduate School, and Princeton Theological Seminary. See details here.

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Our purpose is to offer fresh perspectives on the Christian faith and ways to live and share it.

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Don is a seasoned author, editor, educator, and theologian. He offers uncommon insights about understanding the Christian faith and living and sharing it in today's world.